Upholstery Cleaning

Since you don’t walk on your upholstery with dirty shoes, you don’t track the dirt and grime from outdoors onto your upholstered fabrics. So it is only natural that you also don’t realize how heavily soiled your sofa, loveseat and chair can become.

Dead skin cells, oils, dust, and other contaminants collect on your upholstery and will only be removed through a thorough professional cleaning. Our  highly trained professionals that we employ will have your upholstery sparkling clean and ready for use, in just hours instead of days

It all begins with an on-site analysis of your furniture to determine the appropriate technique—especially for any problem areas. Then we use furniture cleaning agents to powerfully but safely clean your furniture. Our experts ensure that everything is done right—without damaging the fabric. The results speak for themselves: cleaner, longer wear and improved air quality. You’ll be rid of the dirt, dust and other pollutants that collect in the cracks and crevices of your upholstered furniture. And you can take comfort in the fact that better care extends the life of your investment.

So don’t settle for drab. And don’t buy new. Let our professional deep clean inject new life into your favorite chair or sofa. From couch cleaning to sofa cleaning to all the upholstered furniture in your home, get a clean you can trust—from the people who wrote the book on clean.

How often do manufacturers recommend professional cleaning?
Manufacturers recommend having upholstered furniture cleaned once a year if you have high source of traffic such as children, pets, or commercial use.
How does Klean King clean upholstered furniture?
We use  hot water extraction cleaning process much like cleaning carpet.  Additionally, we can reapply a protective coating to lengthen and increase the lifespan and durability of your furniture.
How long will it take my furniture to dry?
It typically takes between 2 and 4 hours for the furniture to become completely dry.
Are you able to remove pet odors?
Yes, in most cases.  It is best to contact directly after the incident occurred.  We do all the cleaning on site.

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